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Vedic Life Mission (V.L.M):-
The Vedic Life Mission (V.L.M.) is a non-profitable organization working in India and abroad. The registered office of Vedic Life Mission is in Kanpur, U.P. India. Vedic Life Mission also called (V.L.M.) was established in 2007 in Kanpur in India. It is the most important city situated on the bank of the holy River Ganga. V.L.M. was established by a group of Pandits (vedacharyas) of Kanpur. We have a group of vedacharyas and Pandits who have acquired the education of Vedic Yagya at various Universities. Karmkand is the technical name for the ritualstic process of doing any Yagya and Vedic puja. Our Vedic Pandit's are from traditional Brahman families and have the required knowledge and training for the best expression and pronunciation of Vedic mantras.Besides, our vedacharyas have worked a lot together to make a team and worked together for a Client/Yajman.
Vedic Life Mission follow Vedic methods of performing Yagya, its vedacharyas follow the rules and regulations explained in Vedas for Yagya mantra puja. It is a charitable trust mission, an organization of Vedic Pandits recently established to share Vedic mantra Yagya and Vedic mantra astrology science with the world.
Vedic Life Mission (V.L.M.) is an organization of Vedic Pandits in India and abroad. The registered office of Vedic Life Mission (V.L.M.)is in Kanpur (U.P.) India and is duly recognized by the Indian Government.
Vedic Life Mission performs a number of Yagyas of different kinds for different purposes. Vedic Life Mission performs Yagyas in different categories, depending on the number on Vedic Pandits performing the Yagya. The Pandits and Vedic Acharyas chant the Vedic Mantras with absolutely correct pronunciation and rhythm. Our Vedic Pandits belong to traditional Brahman Families only and are highly educated and well experienced having studied Vedas and sanskrita and hold the traditional degrees of "Shastri" and "Acharya". They are more than 55 Pandits in our group. We increase the number of Pandits depending upon the Yagya.
The Vedic Life Mission also organizes Yogasan and Pranayam and Meditation camps. Different yogasan courses are held for our guests and foreign Clients who can learn yogic exercises (Asanas) of many kinds, from expert yoga teachers. Vedic Mission clients may study Vedic Astrology, Vedic Mantra "SHLOKS" like Ganpati, Gayatri and Shiv Mantras, at the Mission.
Pandit B.B. Shastri: He has studied Sanskrit and Vedas, Vastu Shastra and Vedic Jyotish from "Sampurnanand University" of Varanasi in India. He also holds degrees of Shastri Sahita Charya and M.A. in Vedas and Hindi and Philosophy from various Universities in India.
Acharya Pandit B.B.Shastri and Pandit Gangadhar have visited many countries such as U.K., Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and many places and cities in India to perform Vedic Yagyas. Pandit B.B. Sharma has also written a book on Vastu Shastra (Indian Architecture) by the name of "Bhartiya Vastu Chandrika" and for the last 25 years he has been publishing anannual Hindu calendar books by the name of "Tithi Chandrika". In this current year 1,80,000/- copies of Tithi Chandrika were printed and distributed in 45 centers of India and abroad. "Jyotish Rashiphal" a weekly horoscope by Pandit B.B.Shastri is published in the National Edition of "DainikJagran" the most widely read daily newspaper in India. Vedic Life Mission has been working since 2000 and has performed over 15,000 Yagyas.
Vedic Life Mission of India is a non-profit charitable trust that caters to the needs of poor students and families of the Vedic Panditís by providing financial support. This Mission was founded in the year 2007 by Pandit B.B. Shastri under the divine inspiration of a renowned Yajurved Pandit . The mission was created for the trust in India, it is registered in Uttar Pradesh, Indian Government Registration no 234/2011.
We also offer other services in the following areas: Vighraha, Pratishtha (installation ceremony) fund raising, religious and spiritual consultation, guidance for enlightenment and positive thinking, Vedic priest training and employment, Vedic studies, Vedic astrology, charity for poor students and Vedic study, vastu, spiritual tours and other services.
The administrative office of Vedic Life Mission in India is located at Sri Thakurji Temple 55/64 Kahoo Kothi Kanpur U.P.-208001 India. Our Phone no. is +9105122376920, +919839360800.
The founder chairman of the Vedic Life Mission Pandit B.B. Shastri Vedacharya may be contacted by Phone or in person by prior appointment.
Please arrange your Yagya appointment with Pandit B.B. Shastri and visit our website of Vedic Life Mission www.jyotishYagya.in. Applications for Vedic Life Mission staff Pandits (Vedacharyas) are reviewed by a board of senior Pandits. New Panditís currently being recruited are solely from this elite group of meditation-practicing-brahmins trained in the 90ís, peer review maintains an extremely high standard of competence in the temple.