Yagya Process
Yagya Booking
Choose Yagya which you want to be done for you from Yagya List. You can choose Yagya from RiseVedic, Present Vedic and Super Vedic. Once decided which Yagya you want to be done for you click on "ADD TO CART", and fill in the Yagya Form with correct information, and follow the instruction for Online Payment. After your Payment will be received by us, your Yagya will be Booked.
Yagya Form
Fill up the Yagya Form with correct information and then this form will help us in performing your Yagya. When we will receive your Yagya Form and Payment, we will send you the confirmation email and the other details.
Make your payment by the Western Union Money Transfer, PayPal, by cheque (a/c payee) or by Bank Transfer in India. If you want to pay us by Bank Transfer you can send us email and we will provide you all the information regarding the Payment process.
Yagya Performance
You can contact us through email or by mobile phone to know the performance for your Yagya. You can ask us for Photos for free, but if you want Video of your Yagya then you have to pay us $ 50 extra for it. For this you should inform us before the Yagya will start.
After Yagya
After the Yagya completes, you will receive a Yagya Certificate, and Yagya Parshad by us. You will also get a Free Consultation after the Yagya completes, and they will tell you what to do and what not to do to get better results of Yagya.