Q. What is Yagya?
A. Yagya is an event in which many rituals preformed to gain attention and support of nature.
Q. What is Yagya request?
A. A Yagya request is the formal request to organize a Yagya for you. If you want the Yagya recommendation you can send your Horoscope to us and we will suggest you the Yagya which is best for you.
Q. What are the different between 3 types of Yagya?
A. As below is the difference between all Yagya,
Super Vedic Yagyam: - These are strong and standard Yagya very rituals are combined in one package and help for one purpose given in the Yagya table.
Present Vedic Yagyam: - These Yagya are power full, have all major rituals for a purpose, faster work, stronger and longer. If you are thinking to do Royal Yagya but also want to save some money then do these Yagya.
Rise Vedic Yagyam: - All known rituals are for one purpose is done. It is very powerful, fast and long effective Yagya. In the Rise Yagyam the most rituals are done while in the Present Vedic Yagyam or Super Vedic Yagyam.
Q. Can I do the Yagya myself?
A. You canít do it yourself, it is only done by highly educated and professional Pandits.
Q. When should I do Yagya? Can my Yagya help my whole family?
A. You need to have Yagya for all 9 planets once in year doing this can keep planetary balance in your life. Yes, your Yagya can be helpful to your family.
Q. Why and when do I get free Jyotish consultation?
A. After your Yagya get approved, any time, but traditionally with post Yagya analysis you get this consultation. Then the astrologer have seen your problems to and remedies too which you have performed or left Then the astrologer can give their best predictions and advice for this consultation you should keep your question ready and you should request for it immediately, but not after 7 days after sending post Yagya survey. The period of free-consultation expires if you do not request it within 15 days after getting post Yagya survey from or if you do not same completed post survey back in this period.
Q. How and when to call you?
A. Call us in office hours Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm (According to Indian time) at Mobile No. this will help you bring to directly your adviser/Pandit.
Q. What is a Yagya recommendation?
A. A Yagya recommendation is the prescription made by astrologers to solve your problem and to fulfill your desire, using the power of Yagya. In a recommendation, your horoscope is analyses around your problems and desire. When astrologer think that Yagya would be helpful, they we suggested you which Yagya should be done for you. In the recommendation you get the detail about the recommend Yagya.
Q. Am I bound to pay and agree terms of payment?
A. Yes, you are bound, morally, and legally. In fact, Yagya is never done on credit but you lend money from member's Assistant fund that has nothing to do with Yagya for any other issues. It simply issue you a loan, in a circumstances without expenses, must be returned with can in the agreed terms. If you do not repay, it is a breach of agreement and cost on the name of spirituals activities /Yagya. More ever, we have several legal and social arrangements to recover organization money, no matter in which corner of the World you are.
Q. Who performs the Yagya?
A. The expert Vedic Pandits who have secured university education on Yagya and Vedic sciences perform the Yagya.
Q. Is there any difference among homa, puja, japa and Yagya?
A. In puja, we worship different Gods and Goddesses using puja articles and mantras. In Homa or Hawan, we perform fire sacrifice for different Gods and Goddesses. Japa is chanting of mantras for God and Goddesses. This complete event collectively is known as Yagya, Yagna or Yajna.
Q. Are there any regulations to be followed during the Yagya?
A. We should be vegetarian, honest and follow simplicity as far as possible during the whole course of Yagya.
Q. Who can have Yagya?
A. Any human being belonging to any caste, creed, race, religion, or nationality can have Yagya done to get attention and support of Mother Nature.
Q. Can Yagya be done for fulfillment of any desire?
A. Yagya is helpful for fulfillment of any positive desire whether it is recovery from sickness, enhancing income, marriage related problems etc.