Introduction of Yagya
Terminology of Yagya
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Lord Krishna says that the Yagya Karma’s rain ensues from Agni sacrifices. Yagya is rooted in prescribed actions. Know that prescribed actions have their origin in the Vedas (Vedic Yagya), God (Parmatma) hence the all-pervading infinite is always present in Yagya.
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Lord Krishna says that the Vedas Yagya mantra study as well as the performance of sacrifices, Yagya austerities and charities help attains the supreme and primal state.
Yagya and Charity are the best methods for those men who are willing to overcome their sins.
Sankalp – As every sound exists in this universe naturally, this sound also moves in the universe and influences the person for whom the Yagya is being performed. We call the Sankalp individual for the mantra Yagya Sankalp. The Pt. Acharya speaks the person's name, gotra and place of residence and all particulars including birth details to make him unique, in other words Sankalp is like an address written on a letter , Mantra is a specific verse from Yajur Veda or some other Purans and make special kind of resonance. Chanting the Mantra creates certain wave lengths to initiate movement of interim medium and induct/attract cosmic energy to benefit the person. Some mantras have restrictions and inexperienced use of that mantra can bring danger to the performer and to the Yajman "MAHAMRITUNJAYA" is the best example of this kind of mantras.
Kalash – The water pot is the symbol of welfare, Lord Ganesh and Varun are worshipped on Kalash, and kalash pooja is essential in every ritual.
Yagya - Shala - The place where Yagyas are preformed, normally it’s made exclusively for Hawan and kept clean and pure. It requires a deep recessed place called Hawan Kund. In Hawan, the Pt. Acharya puts some specific material in fire thousands of times along with chanting a particular mantra for particular purpose. It gives energy to the attending person as well as believed to maintain the entire creation scientifically. The Hawan material purifies the atmosphere as well as helps in bringing rain.
Jap – Chanting a mantra is called Jap. These mantra can be either from the Vedas or Purans and have their particular results. One mantra has some times more than one applications for example "MAHAMRITUNJAYA MANTRA" has seven applications:- Rananjay (Victory), Dhananjay (Wealth), Shatrunjaya (Enemy), Mritunjaya (Danger), Vyadhinjaya (Illness), Aadhnijaya (Physical), Kalanjaya ( Longevity).
Veda – Veda means knowledge. All that is related to cosmos or spiritual world has originated from Veda. But almost every physical worldly science has also originated from Veda, Veda is said to be self-existent from the beginning, the creation of this Solar System .
There are four Vedas-
1 - Rigveda (it is only prayers)
2 - Yajurveda (it is all about Yagya and Hawan and spirituals way of life)
3 - Samveda (it is mix of music and prayers)
4 - Atharvaveda (It covers all materialistic subject, from economics to physic, and music to dance)
Om - It is the symbol of God. It contains the power of all Gods and goddesses. Chanting Om is more than sufficient to intimate problems and sins. This sound must be chanted at the beginning of every mantra for complete effect.
Upanishads – Upanishad is very deep philosophy based on scriptures different parts of Vedas and Vedic culture. They were written by great Rishis.
Dan(Donation) – We are obliged to donate a part of our assets and income. If we donate this to those people who are helpless, they will bless us and God will also forgive the sins committed by us.
Planets – Planets are specific heavenly bodies that influence our life and we perform Yagya to protect ourselves from their negative energies.
Vedic Jyotish has a wonderful system of making horoscopes on the basis of one’s date, place and time of birth. It can help us in various aspects of our life. Pandit B.B. Shastri will recommend specific Yagyas to help you out.
Vedic Life Mission has an experienced team of astrologers for consultation and Pandit B.B Shastri for examining the birth chart of individuals. He determines the planetary influences on Health, Wealth, Success, Profit Progress, Obstacles Hindrances, family life of an individual. Recommendation may also made for love relationship, life partner, education, career etc. It is suggested that clients follow Pandit B.B Shastri's recommendation for Planetary Mantra Yagya rather then selecting them unaided from the list of Yagya.
Planetary Mantra Yagya effectively support and enhance the specific intention Yagya. These Yagyas are performed for each of the nine planets i.e. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.
Vedic Yagya is more effective and is meant to neutralize the negative influence and strength then the positive influence of God for the major period. This helps you to make the best decision in future. Mantra Yagya is done to bring favourable support of nature and decrease the negative influence of the planets.
The Mantra Yagya category is determined by the number of time the mantra is repeated, more repetitions bring greater effect and support of nature. Planetary Mantra Yagya performance works like a catalyst to neutralize negative influence and enhance success in life presented by Pandit B.B Shastri and Gangadhar Jyotish and Mantra Yagya program
RiseVedic Yagyam: This offers possible remedy for a person or a group with one purpose. Our mission provides RiseVedic Yagyam high Quality and powerful mantras in the RiseVedic Yagyam which is effective for more than one persons and for up to three years. You can expect up to 95% result by the RiseVedic Yagyam. The RiseVedic Yagyam is performed a over 25 to 30 days and by 20 to 25 pandits.
Present Vedic Yagam - This is close to RiseVedic Yagyam. To make and keep it affordable we choose some mantra from RiseVedic Yagyam. So it is a complete remedy for the purpose. The specific difference is that Present Vedic Yagyam can not be done for a group, It is done in 11 to 15 days and 15 to 20 Pandits’. Yagya recommendation is not necessary – Your Yagya recommendation is offered by us against a deposits of $125 but it is not really required if you know your problem and desire. We suggest you to choose appropriate Yagya. You can choose Yagya for yourself too. Our mission astrologers will check your horoscope and determine whether you have made right choice for doing Yagya or you have selected the right Yagya for your problems and desires. You will be contacted if they feel that performing the yagya chosen by you will not help you, and you need to add or change the result.
Super Vedic Yagyam - These Yagya's are for those problems or desires which have already are appeared
and are for a particular person. These Yagyas are strong, work in reasonable time and are affordable for everyone. The Yagya involves 11 days and 7 Pandits. In general you can expect good result. This Yagya is for simple problems, but for faster result we recommend Present Vedic Yagyam.
Planet Yagya - Yagya (9 planets Yagya) is for everyone and it is recommended to determine which planet is unfavorable and needs remedies. But after experience we now recommend to do Yagya for all 9 planets. This has longer effect than doing 4-5 planetary Yagya every 3-4 months as the planets keep changing, and you will keep doing Yagya for the changing planets. This Planetary Yagya makes your Planets harmonious for a period of one year.
For any Remedies and Yagya to work properly you need to have this all 9 planet Yagya. If your planets are not in harmony. any Yagya or any of your actions will not be able to heal you consistently and entirely. Again selecting two Yagyas together creates more positive result than doing separately.
Dev Yagyam - Vedic Life Mission does what you say. This is Dev Yagyam for example : if you already have a recommendation and you want us to do them as per methods prescribed in Veda and Puran. "This could be for example:- Rudraabhishekam Mahamritumanjay. Durga Saptshati/Kanakdhara /Mahalaxmi Yagayam. Vedic Life Mission guarantees to do any Yagya at affordable price more info.
Free Astrology Consultation After Yagya.
After your Yagya has been done you can request for a free astrology consultation in which the astrologer explains to you how and when you can expect the results and what you should do for best result of Yagya. You can contact us on telephone or E- mail.
Online payment – PayPal also offers transfer using your bank account. All the methods are automatic are a matter of minutes. This is called online payment and you get instant confirmation of payment and Yagya gets booked automatically. Other methods of payment are offline payments.
Some very important terms-
Prices are fixed and not negotiable.
Refund is not possible.
If you want to change your Yagya, you should change it before it starts.
The amount must be paid full in advance, we do not do Yagya on credit or for free.
You can contact us 24 hours on our Mobile No. +919839360800, +919450210352.
For the Order of Yagya
Select your Yagya from Yagya table or get a recommendation.

Fill in Yagya request form for your Yagya request.

Pay the Yagya cost in bank account of our mission or by Pay Pal, Western Union Money Transfer, Cheque or Cash.

You do not need to be present in the Yagya. In Sankalp (oath) of Yagya your name and your birth details are used.

Anyone can do Yagya without considering caste, religion, country, origin or race.

We do not do black magic in Yagya but we can do Yagya to protect you from black magic.

Missions Yagya are spiritual and support only positive /constructive intentions, they do not work in negative intentions and destructive work.

8- Yagya worth is cash but how much home and how it depends your problems and you choose Yagya /power, RiseVedic Yagyam or Super Vedic Yagyam.
9- You do not need to do anything during the Yagya, however keeping yourself clean and praying to God makes it more fruitful. To read more please check      recommendation webpage.
Thank you, for your interest in Pandit B.B. Shastri's Jyotish Yagya Mantra Service. Vedic Jyotish astrology in a part of Vedic literature that has been preserved and handed down in guru shishya parampara , since time immemorial astrology. This information at our website describes this. Jyotish Mantra Yagya Program is based on Vedic Astrological chart (Kundli) Longitude, Latitude in "Sanskrit" and your specific area concern Pandit B.B. Shastri will recommended for you planetary mantra Yagya and possibility for Present Vedic Yagyam or RiseVedic Yagyam to further address in your birth chart concerns.